Tirer les 400 contes!

Créations In Vivo production
2014 • General audiences

Tirer les 400 contes!, is hearing 400 cannon shots to defend Francophone culture and its 400 years of presence in Ontario.

Tirer les 400 contes! is a unique project in Ontario that aims to showcase oral heritage through amateur and professional storytelling from different regions.

The project consisted of training amateur storytellers from each region and then creating a travelling show touring Ottawa, Sudbury and Lafontaine.

The show featured three amateur storytellers (one from each region) and a professional storyteller. The objective of the show was to create oral tradition events in a context that showcases local talent and stories. Tirer les 400 contes! is about making storytellers and their stories known in and outside of their region.

The first storytelling evenings were recorded, and a CD was produced with the amateur storytellers.

  • April 11, 2014, Sudbury (La fromagerie; with the CFOF)  Storytellers: 3 amateur storytellers and Alexis Roy
  • April 24, 2014, Ottawa (NAC’s Fourth Stage, as part of the “Contes Nomades” serie) Storytellers: 3 amateur storytellers and Alexis Roy
  • July 17, 2014, Lafontaine (as part of the Festival du Loup, with La Meute Culturelle) – Storytellers: 3 amateur storytellers and Djennie Laguerre

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