C’est arrivé à Sainte-Utopie

A Créations In Vivo production
2008-2012 • General audiences

A show of tales and music, C’est arrivé à Sainte-Utopie (Once Upon a Time In Sainte-Utopie) marks the debut of Créations In Vivo.

The show won the “Coup de foudre scolaire” at Contact Ontarois in 2008. The tour began at the NAC’s Fourth Stage (Les Contes Nomades) and ended at the Shenkman Arts Centre (MIFO). C’est arrivé à Sainte-Utopie was also nominated for the 2008 and 2009 Trilles Or awards in the category “best show for young audiences”. Éditions Sans Limites published the work and a sound recording at the Toronto Book Fair in 2009. Finally, C’est arrivé à Sainte-Utopie represented Ontario at the 2009 Nouvelle-France celebrations in Quebec City.

The show was performed 70 times in front of nearly 20 000 spectators.

Creative team

Playwright, director and interpretation: Stéphane Guertin
Musician: Jean-Marc Lalonde

  • Prix « Coup de foudre » scolaire of Réseau Ontario received during Contact Ontarois 2008.

To listen to the show, go to the BandCamp’s page of Créations In Vivo by clicking here.