La pluie de bleuets

A Créations In Vivo production
2008-2013 • Young audiences • 5 to 10

Gabrielle, 9, lives in a small village where not much happens, except towards the end of the summer when visitors flock to the Blueberry festival. She dreams of participating in the Blueberry Olympics, but first, she has to convince her parents who, without listening to her, register her for children’s activities.

As an only child, Gabrielle would like her parents – her father the mayor and her extravagant mother – to listen to her from time to time. But their attention is always turned to something else; especially in the days before the festival. Gabrielle has withdrawn into herself to the point of being a shadow at home and at school. The difference between the discreet Gabrielle and her talkative mother is accentuated by the natural distance that exists between little Gabrielle and her immense mother (on stilts). The latter, although present at home, doesn’t really listen to Gabrielle and tends to project her own aspirations on her daughter. She showers her with gifts to satisfy all her needs. For his part, Gabrielle’s little round and clumsy father is chronically absent. Always too involved, he lives in an adult world that makes little room for play and pleasure.

During this year’s festival, Gabrielle’s grandmother arrives into town and shares Gabrielle’s room for a few nights. She gives her grand-daughter a new boost of confidence and make her realize that her opinions are worth sharing and that it’s important to believe in her talents.

This show uses juggling, stilts, acrobatics, physical comedy and clown to tell a funny and touching story. These disciplines serve the narrative framework by adding humour while feeding the imagination of young audiences.

160 performances in Ontario, Québec and Nunavut in front of 29,000 spectators.

Creative Team

Playwrights: Marie-Hélène Dubé et Stéphane Guertin
Director: Magali Lemèle
Set Designers: John Doucet et Mishka Lavigne
Costumes Designer: Andrée Rainville
Lighting Designers: Pierre Ducharme
Music: VIVO
Stage managers: Benoît Brunet-Poirier and Alexandra Dugal
Production Manager: Stéphane Guertin

Interpretation: Ève Alexandre-Beaulieu, Elsa Dallaire, Stéphane Guertin and Andrée Rainville

Prizes and Awards

  • “Coup de foudre scolaire” of Réseau Ontario in 2009.
  • “Prix d’excellence artistique arrière scène” for Stéphane Guertin as production manager.
  • Honorable mention of the “Prix d’excellence artistique” to Andrée Rainville for her perfomance.
  • Andrée Rainville nominated to the Prix Rideau Awards 2009 of “Conception de l’année – costume”.

Autour de la pluie

“Autour de la pluie” is a song album inspired by the show. To listen to it or to buy it, go to our BandCamp page by clicking here.

A clip was made for the song “Une berceuse pour Gabrielle”:

Photos: Bellefeuille Design & Benjamin Gaillard (top) and John Doucet (bottom).