Je n’y suis plus

A Magali Lemèle, Théâtre français du CNA and Créations In Vivos production
2013-2014 • General audiences

Ariane, a perfectly nice young woman, loses her bearings and locks herself in a prison of her own making. Her boss’ cupcakes are no longer enough: everything implodes. Inside, it’s the Big Bang. As her ordinary daily life turns topsy-turvy, she tells her story, she searches for her identity in the middle of this relentless and alienating world. Time stands still. Matter is suspended.

I’m Not Here was built through stories of brutal daily routine, through the breath of the actress and the rhythm of objects. Gabriel, Louise and Michael then joined the team to add a third dimension to the world we sought to create. From the meeting of our words, our sounds and our voices, the character of Ariane was born, filled to the brim with urgency, made-up of escaping words and budding assertion. The mechanics of everyday life are exposed but also its drift: drift from work and bureaucracy, drift from human contacts. Can Ariane find herself in the midst of this unrelenting and alienating world? Nothing ever ends because nothing ever begins.

Artistic team

Playwright: Marie-Claude Verdier
Directors: Magali Lemèle and Louise Naubert
Sound designer: Jean-Sébastien Dallaire
Lighting designer: Michael Brunet
Set designer: Gabriel Tsampalieros
Stage manager: Alain Lauzon

Interpretation: Magali Lemèle et Jean-Sébastien Dallaire

  • Prix Rideau Award “Interprétation féminine de l’année” 2013 for Magali Lemèle

Photos: © Marianne Duval