Come into the fabulous world of the Aquarium! The large door will make you discover creatures straight out of Jules Verne’s universe. Crustaceans, critters, algae, mysterious treasures; once you’re through the door, the show is all around you.


  • Two acrobat artists in the structure will perform for three 30-minute cycles.
  • One artist on the ground plays the diver for three 30-minute cycles.

Technical requirements

  • Necessary space requirements (without rigging)
  • Total width: 12’
  • Depth of structure: 10’
  • Space needed for putting up and striking down the structure: 20’ x 20’
  • Total height: 15’
  • Total assembly and strike time is 5 hours, lighting and sound included
  • 3 hours with no lighting

Photos: Marianne Duval