Créer • Former • Rassembler

Current shows

  • Charly in the desert

    Young audiences • 5 to 8 • A puppet show about cultural differences.
    VACHES, the musical

    General audience • 12 and + • Our "Franco-Ontarian Broadway"!
    La cadence du conteur

    General audiences • 12 and + • Storytelling, music and spoken-word poetry.
    Vie et mort d'un char boiteux

    General audiences • 12 and + • An autobiography of adventure!

Events and busking

  • Boréalis

    Natural superheroes defending their territory against overconsumption!
    Mythical creatures

    An Ice Queen and a Celestial Bird come out of the ice to explore the world!

    Waders straight out of 19th century futurism walk the streets.

    Enter the fabulous world of the Aquarium!
  • Ahki

    Ahki meaning the earth, the two characters embody Mother Nature's children.


Créations In Vivo is an arts organization dedicated to creating unique work combining more than one artistic discipline. We try to explore off the beaten-paths. We want to work with versatile and multi-skilled artists, and we are also dedicated to offering training.