Légendes boréales

A Créations In Vivo production
2010-2012 • General audiences

Four traditional fantasy stories are adapted for the stage with three artists from various artistic disciplines (storytelling, music, ground and aerial acrobatics, hand to hand). All this to better tell these stories from this part of the world!

The Stories

Tale 1: The Puppets • A violin player is invited to go cut down trees all winter at the Sirois camp. On site, the six loggers have a very good time right up until Christmas. What was once thought to be a very simple camp is now turning into a diabolical place where the music of the violin can make puppets dance (the traditional name given to the northern lights).

Tale 2: The Polar Night • A long time ago, the Inuit were the happiest people on earth. Everything was a source of joy. During the day they enjoyed the sunlight and at night they enjoyed the moonlight. Everyone was happy except three of them: Itouk, Kakouk and Marouk. They were lazy loved to fight. One day, when they were bored, they decided to attack the sun. The sun got angry and decided to hide from them six months a year and leave them with its sister the moon for the other six months.

Tale 3: Lafontaine’s Wolf • At the beginning of the century, the arrival of a wolf created major changes in the small French-speaking village of Lafontaine. Before its arrival, the village was divided according to the origin of the people who lived there. The village found itself a common enemy in this wolf, which brought the families closer together.

Tale 4: The Creation of the Word • According to several Indigenous legends, at the beginning of time, man lived under the earth. His universe was what he saw: stone, stone and more stone. But it happened that one of them, Look-at-the-Moon, decided to follow his instinct and go up through a crack to find the white ball he saw in his dreams: the moon. His ascension tells the story of the awakening of men from darkness to light.

Artistic team

Playwright: Stéphane Guertin

Director: André Perrier
Set designers: Fanny Gauthier, Stéphane Guertin et Michèle Ostiguy
Costumes designer: Vivianne Lacombe
Puppet designer: Annie Durocher
Lighting designer: Jonathan Lockhart
Sound designers: Dominique Saint-Pierre et Olivier Fairfield
Photos: Marianne Duval
Production’s assistant: Marie Ripoll

Actors: Catherine Joly, Ruynosuke Yamazumi et Stéphane Guertin


  • The show won the Prix Coup de Foudre Scolaire at Contact Ontarois in January
  • One of the tales of the show was chosen to represent Canada at the 7th Jeux de la Francophonie in Nice, France in 2013 and won the Gold medal in Storytelling.