À l’abordage!

The best way to involve an audience is to excite them, surprise them, and innovate. What better way to tell the story of Franco-Ontarians than a commemoration project that makes learning fun and encourages discovery through the use of the senses. This event is geared towards multilingual audiences.

The chairs of the 400th

Chairs carry stories by the way they are manufactured and used and, by sitting on them, we hear, through hidden loudspeakers (French or English), a short historical tale. These weather-resistant chairs can be used as street furniture.

Creative process

(Videos in French only)

About the costumes

Better understand Champlain’s time through his accessories, fashion and ambitions. The costumes created offer a visual representation and a vision of the world through the eyes of these larger-than-life characters.

Dessin de Fanny Gauthier

Champlain by Fanny Gauthier

Dessin de Fanny Gauthier

Mermaid by Fanny Gauthier

Dessin de Fanny Gauthier

Sailor by Fanny Gauthier

Costumes marins

Sailors by Fanny Gauthier


Boat mast by Fanny Gauthier

Artistic team

Héloïse Caron
Marie-Eve Fortier
Fanny Gauthier
Stéphane Guertin
Viviane Lacombe
Annie Lefebvre
François Ouimet
Andrée Rainville
Guillaume Saindon
Ben Thibodeau